How long will you continue aimlessly wandering through life? You go about your day, your weeks, the months from this vocation, to filling your time with what might distract, or at least what is inevitably coming your way.

Like a train on the tracks…you hear it in the distance…it is approaching ever nearer, it is terrifying, it scares you to your bones…yet you still do not stop and consider.

You continue along the path pretending the time will never come, but the gulf looms before you, an edge is ever closer, and all that stands between you and it’s deepest darkest depths is the next breath, the next beat of your heart.

What you rely on is so fragile, it could be taken away at any moment, like a stone dropping through a spider’s web. There’s nothing that will break your fall, you have seen others cross over Beyond the Edge of Eternity, you mourn for their loss…you felt the sting, yet you still do not consider their whereabouts; their Eternal Destiny…your Eternal Destiny?

Is there more to life than money? Is there more to this existence, than just living for yourself? Who will be with you when it is your time to stand before your perfect Creator?

The Creator who made you, who has sustained all the life you have ever known? For what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world; yet forfeit their own soul?

What can anyone give in exchange for their soul? It is unpopular today in this easily offended culture to talk about what is true, if it doesn’t feel good…but feelings are subjective.

I feel it is cruel to pretend that you are not in tremendous danger right now if you are not saved by Jesus Christ. Do not be like the masses who walk down the wide Road without a second thought of what it means to die in their sins, and the horrific implications of doing so.

Yes, there are many of them, but it doesn’t change the fiery outcome they will face. Just the same pattering of a thousand feet marching towards destruction…heading willfully into the chambers of hell; those who are more offended at the warnings, than fearful of the consequences.

The reality of their fate without Jesus Christ. No matter how loud the cry, how Earnest the call, or how strong The Plea, they will not suffer the truth for a second; determined to live in ignorance, blindness, and self-deceit.

Blissfully pretending thir wickedness is somehow excusable for their own selfish virtue, is somehow good enough. All the awhile refusing to consider the torment that awaits all those who are not made perfect by Christ’s finished work.

Instead preferring rather to cling to the futility of this passing world, to pursue what is perishing, what is soon to slip away like grains of sand; not sparing a thought for their Great Creator, who laid down everything for them. Who paid the way that their soul might be redeemed, that they might too might be spared the dire consequences of sin, of death, of hell!

Until next time, may God bless you and all of your families. And always remember do not go to sleep each night without thanking Him for all He has given you, and most importantly telling Jesus how much you love Him!

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by Brandy N. Morrison time to read: 2 min
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