Put On the Whole Armour of God

It is now 2023, and we are living in The Book of Revelation, literally. We are living in a era that is nothing like any time before history.

Everything that John wrote about in The Book of Revelation is now being played out in real time every single day in our society.

In these times we’re now living in I have heard a lot of Christian’s different opinions on who they think the “man of sin” will be.

Many people believe Obama is a good candidate, as well as Prince William, Elon Musk, & etc.

But, I have my own theory, and it’s a great theory too! Now, in scripture it says the “man of sin” will be a great military & political figure who will possess great power.

I believe there are no coincidences. The royal family of course holds great power, I have done a lot of research, & there is overwhelming evidence that supports that Prince William could possibly be the one. But…

I believe there’s no such thing as coincidences. Do you remember the movie, Rosemary’s Baby? It is a film by Roman Polanski (the husband of Sharon Tate) it stars Mia Farrow, her and her husband move into a new apartment building, soon after she discovers she is pregnant.

Everyone that lives in that building they’re are all involved in a satanic cult, & to put a long story short, they orchestrated for her to get pregnant with satan’s baby…bringing the Antichrist into the world.

Which she does give birth to, and it shows the baby’s red eyes, & it’s deformed looking hand just before the movie ends. Now, in the movie Mia Farrow wears a red dress with simple white lace at the collar. This movie was filmed in the 60’s, so it is definitely “old lady style” to say the least.

Now here’s my theory, when Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton gave birth to their second child, the very first appearance they made in public after she gave birth, she was wearing the EXACT same red dress with white simple lace at the collar.

It was the first appearance, introducing their new baby to the world for the first time, all the cameras, people from all over the world watching…and she’s wearing that same red dress. To these people, the elite, the people in high places, symbolism is everything.

That’s why all these celebrities, the elite are always doing the one eye symbol, or the triangle, and of course all of the free masonry ones too. Now think to yourself for a moment…

If I am right, it would truly make sense though. The timing with this child’s age now, the way that the end times are becoming more and more evident. I realize that in totality all of this just sounds silly…but what if…just what if I am right?

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