I am guessing that most people are completely unaware of this, they say that this is nothing more than a conspiracy theory…but there are too many facts that cannot be ignored surrounding these two people…

What a striking similarity between these two, huh?! It gives me chills! If you have never heard of ALEISTER CROWLEY, let me tell you about who this man was.

He is known as “The Great Beast 666″. The British government termed him as “The Wickedest Man In the World”. This man was so horrible, that Mussolini had him permanently banned from Italy; for acts of extreme depravity.

Throughout his life he had sadistic sexual relationships with both men and women. He Practiced Sex Magick – And Believed That Consuming Body Fluids Was A Sacrament. As a member of the occult society Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), Crowley also added a new ritual based on “taboo positions” to be practiced by members of the 11th degree.

A. Crowley(Left), Barbara Bush(Middle), Pauline Pierce (Barbara’’s Mother)

Now, here are the facts to prove that I am right about this, & Crowley was the father of Barbara Bush, the father-in-law of George H.W. Bush, & the grandfather of George W. Bush.

In 1924, ALEISTER had an affair with Pauline Pierce, married to Marvin Pierce, president of the McCall publishing Corporation. On June 8th, 1925, Pauline gave birth to Barbara Pierce.

Barbara would grow up to marry prominent member of the Skull and Bones society, director of the CIA, and 41st president of the United States, George H. W. Bush. There is strong medical evidence stating that Barbara is this daughter of Crowley & they do have striking similarities in facial structure.

I believe things like this are extremely important, every American should be aware of these hidden truth’s. Because, our government officials, the entire world’s government officials are Luciferian’s.

Practicing Satanists. They are doing things behind the scenes that are destroying our country, & our world in many different ways. All of this has been planned for hundreds of years.

The beast system is here, and now their plan is finally coming to fruition in our present world. My main point is this, do not allow yourselves to be deceived, do not put your faith & trust in our government…only trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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