Do you know that your life values lead you either to a terrible hellish life, or to heavenly bliss both on earth and in eternity? All human values are divided into only two categories: these are eternal and perishable, heavenly and hellish, God’s and devil’s. And in the end, it is your values that influence all your thoughts, decisions and actions. They determine the quality and ending of your earthly life, and where you will spend all of your eternity, in hell or in heaven.

Where do the values that influence not only your earthly life, but also the afterlife come from? First of all, values are built through the people you listen to. Therefore, it is very important to listen to Jesus Christ and His messengers in order to have eternal life.

Jesus Christ died, He was in hell, then rose from the dead, and now rules in heaven with God the Father. Jesus showed us what happens beyond death through the example of two real people. One, he is called a rich man, died and ended up in hell, and the other after death was taken to heaven by the angels. His name was Lazarus, which means “the one who hopes for God”. And in the other world: there is a dialogue in which we hear about the values that led one person to hell, and the other to heaven.

The rich man, tormented in hellfire, argues with the man of God, Abraham, who insists that in order to be saved, one must listen to Moses and the Prophets. But, the rich man in hell answers him, “No, Abraham!”

Why is this happening? The man already in hell, he is terribly tormented and at the same time shouts “no” when he is told about the need to listen to the apostles and prophets for his salvation! All because in his heart there is no, this precious thing which is God and God’s people. The rich man has his own opinion even in hell! He tells the prophet, “Let’s do this, or let’s do that”. It can be seen that God and His messengers are not valuable to him. That is why he is in hell!!

We are living in the shadow of tribulation, and we are facing some really perilious times ahead. For me, I know Jesus’ return is coming so soon, I can sense it, I can feel it in my spirit, and I can feel it in my bones. Personally, I cannot wait. This world is run by satan, and I do not belong here. Never before in my life have I ever felt like this. I know my Father in Heaven is calling me for a greater purpose, and I am trying to do my best to spread His word, because I don’t want anyone to be left behind. I urge everyone who may be reading this, please do not go to sleep each night without repenting of your sins, thanking God for all he has given you, and most importantly telling Jesus how much you love him, and I cannot wait for him to come and take me with him to paradise! Well, until next time…God Bless everyone and all of your families! I love you Jesus, with all of my heart and soul!!

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PARADISE or HELL, What Is Precious To You?

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