The Democratic Party is attempting to steal elections, suppress the Republican vote, and federalize elections. In the United States, the party in power typically loses congressional seats during midterm elections. However, the current G.O.P. seems to be organizing against democracy and a permanent minority rule is a ticking time bomb.

The latest attempt to distort the public narrative involves the use of fake news. The story started as a false account that claimed Hillary Clinton and her husband, and John Podesta, were running a child sex ring. The infamous “PizzaGate”. The malicious internet rumor quickly evolved into a trend on social media. Thousands of accounts started tweeting “evidence” in support of the rumor, including several from outside the country. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has repeatedly denounced the practice as unethical.

Despite this apparent media bias, most journalists identify as Democrats or liberals. However, the media’s coverage of these issues skews overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic Party, a fact that many conservatives and public officials decry. In fact, most journalists identify as Democrats and are liberals, with some reporting a bias against Republican presidential administrations.

The Justice Democrats, on the other hand, hoped to bring a new faction to Congress. However, they have run several candidates on shoestring budgets in 2018 and only one was elected. In addition to Ocasio-Cortez, Justice Democrats are also running several populist progressives. These candidates include: Nina Turner, a former state senator in Ohio, Odessa Kelly, a former parks department worker in Nashville, and Rana Abdelhamid, a self-defense instructor and Google employee in New York City.

Correspondence experiment data were used to examine journalist ideology and social context. The black lines represent 95% confidence intervals; points represent coefficient estimates. The models controlled for journalist position, topical focus, and gender. The results of the experiment were striking. These results have implications for journalists and political parties. There are many more studies to be done to understand why journalists skew coverage toward Democrats.

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