Put On the Whole Armour of God

A day is all that we would need to change everything. The Rapture is about to begin. Are you ready for it?

All throughout the Bible, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, we have heard the accounts, stories, and the prophecies for and about God’s plan.

Although we don’t know every exact detail it has been revealed that a huge and integral part of this plan…His plan, is the Rapture.

Many deny that such an event would even take place, & not happen; as the word Rapture is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. The Rapture is coming soon!

According to various religious texts, believers will be whisked away to Heaven before the final gallons of blood are spilled on the earth.

Some believers believe that this event will occur on the day of Jesus’ return, while others believe that it will happen at any time during the end times. The Bible describes this moment as a time when “the dead in Christ shall rise first.

The Rapture has been discussed and written about for centuries, and it remains a popular topic for religious devotion and speculation.

Some people believe that it is imminent, while others are more skeptical. I personally believe that a true Christian knows the truth already.

I know that there have been many false prophets in this world already, and all of them had their own version of how & when this world would end.

Tragically, these people managed to deceive so many lost souls in our world into putting their complete faith and trust in them.

I know that no one living on this earth, knows the day or the hour of when His second coming will be. Scripture tells us that plainly.

When Jesus was asked by His Disciples, how we will know when your return is drawing near? Jesus tells them there will be many signs . There will be happenings & wonders in our sky’s, and in the heavens. Lawlessness will abound in these days ,too.

Jesus told them that the end times will be just like they were in the Days of Noah. It’s plainly obvious that we’re living just as they were in Noah’s day.

Never before in our history has sin been accepted and even worse it’s being celebrated everywhere. The signs are obvious, if you are living with your eyes open.

So, we must get ready friends…The Rapture is coming soon and with it, an end to all suffering and pain. Every person who loves Jesus Christ, will be gathered into Heaven, and the wicked will be punished.

This is a time of great hope and salvation, and believers are urged to prepare themselves for the coming of The Lord.

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