wp-1682993976371-1024x1024 THE SATANIC TEMPLE HOLDS SATANCON 2023 IN BOSTON
Poster for SatanCon 2023

Members and supporters of the Satanic Temple partied it up at a Boston Marriott for SatanCon, holding dance parties and un-baptisms, and showing support for bodily autonomy and the separation of church and state. SatanCon, a sold-out three-day event has been touted as the “largest satanic gathering in history”.

The event, which marks the Temple’s 10-year anniversary, was dedicated to Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu after the group wasn’t allowed to deliver a satanic invocation at a City Council meeting in 2021.

The conference has been replete with numerous guest speakers and lectures, many of which were dedicated to far-left identity politics.

Sins of the Flesh: Satanism and Self-Pleasure” was taught by Eric Sprankle, a “sexuality studies” professor at Minnesota State University-Mankato.

“Reclaiming the Trans Body: A/theistic strategies for Self-Determination and Empowerment,” was offered by Devi B. Dillard-Wright, a transgender woman who served as University of South Carolina-Aiken Associate Professor of Philosophy until July 2022.

Another event included “Hellbillies: Visible Satanism in Rural America,” which will be taught by Ash Schade, a transgender man who made headlines when he had a baby “after hooking up with someone on Grindr”.

I went online to the Satanic Temple website, and I discovered that all the proceeds from this disgusting event are going to support abortions. Their actual quote from their website says “part of our commitment to protecting our members’ civil rights and ensuring that our religious rituals can be performed without government interference, the clinic represents one of the most important steps we have taken”.


Below is an image from the event where a self proclaimed witch ripped out pages from the Bible while the crowd chanted “hail satan”. Afterwards there were people picking up the pages off the floor, and posing for pictures with them.


This is just shocking, and absolutely disgusting! I cannot believe that I live in a country that would allow such an event as this to even take place. And of course the Temple chose Boston for this event to take place is because it’s near the town of Salem, where the infamous witch trials took place. It makes me wonder, if the people of those days in Salem could see this happening, can you imagine what they’d think? Our world has turned completely upside down. What is good is now evil, and what is evil is now good.

This is just more proof to show that we are living in the last days. These people are so lost, and we must pray for them. One thing to note, the members of the satanic temple claim they don’t believe in Satan either. This is laughable at best. If they don’t believe in Satan, then why are they constantly chanting “hail satan”? It makes no sense. They are not fooling anyone.

As good Christians we must remember to pray for these people. They are truly lost, and we need to pray that each and every one of them will realize what path they have chosen, it leads to eternal damnationForgive them Father, for they no not what they do”!


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