Put On the Whole Armour of God


You can trace various interlocking streets to form a demonic pentagram, one that bores directly into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The streets layout of Washington, D.C., was designed so that the streets emanating from the White House would intersect with landmarks in the area to form a pentagram.

The designers of the district were Freemasons, and the pentagram is one of a plethora of symbols important to the fraternity.If you don’t know it yet, our world is being run by these secret socities.

Two key designers of the district, Pierre L’Enfant and Andrew Ellicott, were supposedly Freemasons. Rumors surrounding this conspiracy say Freemasons were involved in DC’s urban planning, and that one of the organizations associated with Freemasonry, the Order of the Eastern Star, uses a pentagram as their logo.

Their version of the symbol is constructed from five lines of equal length, creating five isosceles triangles with a pentagon in its center. In the Masonic view, a pentagram represents the Golden Ratio, a mathematical idea found in architecture, finance, and in nature.

There are over thirty commuting circles within the Washington, D.C. area (granted, not all were in place in the initial design), with three of them being points in the alleged pentagram.

Lines forming the pentagram are shown in the adjacent image. In the pentagram, the White House makes one point, while the last point is Mount Vernon Square.

No building was on this site until 1902, when a building that would later become a public library was constructed. These five points do form a pentagram when four lines are drawn between them.

I am guessing that most Americans are oblivious to these truths. This is something that every American should know.

We should not put our trust and our hope in our government. We should only put our hope, faith, and trust in God! Jesus paid it all for us all!

The Streets of Washington DC

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