Thessalonians 2:11-12 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, In order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

God tells us Christians we have to be alert and see these things that are happening for what they really mean.

As good Christians we must judge, most people in America take this Bible scripture out of context, God clearly says as good Christians are to judge our fellow man:

John 7:24, Jesus said, “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment.” In this verse Jesus is talking about making righteous judgments in regard to God’s law’s.
I feel like most Christians who claim they are Christians, well I am afraid that most of those people will always turn to “the ways of the world instead of choosing God’s path.

I don’t want that for anyone. People these days are afraid to speak up when it comes to the gender identity issue, the LGBTQ, gender dysphoria, pronouns, etc.
This is something that really bothers me, and the reason why is because they way the media, and society, etc is sexually gloryfying our children. Bottom line children should not be objected to in any type of way anything/situation that has to do with sex. Children are not wired to deal with such adult issues. This whole thing is complete insanity. I was doing research this week for upcoming posts, and did you know my fellow Christians, that there are literally over 19 gender identity clarifications now. Yeah, you heard me right, 19!! I had to stop counting. First thing I thought was, well how on earth could a person come up with two…boy or girl?! So easy. Wow…I couldn’t believe this list that I was seeing in front of me, and seriously I have no clue what any of them even mean or stand for. One could see you know in the beginning of all this acceptance era, don’t you think our society is taking it a bit too far, further, & even farther…and now our society is slap dab straight up living in the Twilight Zone. Every Law that God said for humans to live by is completely the opposite to our society now. They took the Bible and God from schools back in the 1960s, people being persecuted all over the world now for being Christian. The media and propaganda everywhere is constantly gloryfying Satan as the protagonist, and mocking and laughing at Jesus name! It’s truly mind-blowing just how much Satan is in the tv shows, and movies. For example, I have always been a horror movie fan, but I can’t be that with the complete trash movies that are coming out in the past few years. I mean truly demonic evil horror films.

July 2022, LIONSGATE released their poster for the horror thriller about demonic possession, coming this October, titled, “Prey For the Devil.” And, the word prey spelled like prey being hunted down by a beast instead of “pray”…and that is exactly what’s happening in our world today. The devil knows that he only has a short time, so his lies are taking over everywhere like a toxic mold, and people are falling prey to this beast system. But, I cannot and will not let my savior down, I say without fear what my beliefs are and I am not ashamed to say them out loud. I am going to stand up what is right not by our laws the human laws but by Our Lord Jesus Christ’s laws and his rules for humans that we should follow.
Everyone these days are turning their backs on God. This is the age of “do what thou wilt philosophy…and it just makes me sad.

God said to his apostles that we will know that his return is soon eminent when we start to see signs in the skies and heavens, the natural disasters, the lawlessness. He said when the Earth is living like the days of Noah, then look to the clouds for my return draws near.

Well, there are many many current events showing the signs. Everybody is constantly talking about Climate Change. All of the crazy weather, wildfires, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc etc are not climate change… It’s the pouring out of God’s judgements onto a un-repentive world. If anything I say throughout any of my posts, this is the most important…It is true, the question you’ve been wondering and questioning your entire life…it is True. God Is Real. He Does Exist. He Died For Us All. Time Is Running Out Faster & Faster…. please Repent for your Sins, no matter what Jesus always forgives, you just have to humble yourself before him and ask. I don’t know about any of you out there, but speaking for myself, and I tell you honestly that I well admit I am a sinner, I have made lots of wrong decisions and choices in my life.

One thing that’s always been embedded into my soul, embedded into my mind, and into my spirit…is that I have always loved Jesus Christ, even since my earliest years, I never remember questioning if the Bible was real, if the stories in there were real, and really happened. Everyone these days is always questioning and disecting, analyzing everything to death. Wanting science to prove everything and backing up every single idea or thought ever done or said by science. I think that is just crap. What ever happened to having Faith?!And that’s the truth, for as long as I can remember anything, I have always known without any doubt that God is real, Jesus Is Real, that there is a real Heaven, & most importantly there is also a real place called Hell. And, I know that I definitely do not want to or plan to go there. I love Jesus and we all need to humble ourselves before him and just talk to him. Like I was saying I am not a person that is constantly going to church, or one of those that are referred to as constantly quoting Scriptures (preachy) to someone nonstop. I just love God with all my heart and soul, and I always have.

When I pray to Jesus, I literally just go all out talking to him in conversation you might as well say. Sometimes I have talked to him for a couple hours, crying my eyes out… Even though I cannot see him, I just know that he is there. People tell me that is just wishful thinking. But, I know that it isn’t, and I know this because I know it is not the same thing. It is easy for a non-believer to laugh that off as imagination, or as wishful thinking… because for the ones who have chosen to live blind, for God will continue to send them their strong illusions.
Even the unbeliever cannot stop and take a look around and see that we’re definitely into a new way of living right now… everything bad and horrific and evil is now the new thing, what’s in, the perfect I am #1 selfish egotistical, self gratifying personality.

No one cares about their fellow man anymore. God clearly says in Revelations, that during the time of Tribulation, there will be rampant lawlessness, that is exactly what is going on now. The violence is at heights like never before in history. God says people’s love for one another will grow cold,and this because everyone’s love for God has cooled off.

Do you know that in 2022 alone, and remember this is still July basically…there have been over 300 mass shootings in the United States of America. Now, let that statistic settle in …to me that is beyond disturbing. I know that I am a nervous wreck about having to go anywhere out in public. People seemed to be losing their minds. Seriously. Everyone needs to wake up and see these things. To see all of the signs that Jesus warns us to be aware of would happen!
Please, everyone, I urge you to Repent before it is too late, because Hell is a real place, and hell is forever, there is no ending date, time, or hour. I don’t want no one to be left behind, to have to try and make it through the Tribulation when the Antichrist will be revealed. But, it is as plain to see, as if it were a flashing billboard sign in your face…Flashing….Hurry Hurry, Open Your Eyes…Take A Look Around You …and Ask Jesus 4 His Mercy & Forgiveness.

Every person makes their choice in life which side they’re going to choose…Good or Bad…God or the Devil?! And, I Have Chosen Jesus With 100% of My Heart & Soul…And I Just Pray That He Will Count Me As Worthy To Join Him In Heaven.

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