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Well, everyone if you hadn’t heard it yet…there is a new religion. And it is called, WOKEISM! Now the urban dictionary defines wokeism as a trigger word invented by conservative mainstream media (namely FOX News) that is designed to disparage individuals/victims/minority groups/or otherwise marginalized parties whom speak out against abusive systems of power.

This is the shortened definition it actually goes and on. Everywhere you look, whether it’s on television, or the music we listen to, the current events in the news, or just the people who we converse with in our everyday lives, Wokeism, Pride, LGBTQ, gender identity/pronouns, all of these are one in the same thing.

They are all AGENDA’S. But, in totality that is a whole other blog entry all together. My main focus on this one part of this agenda, in my opinion, is the absolute most important issue that is destroying our society today.

I just want to know one thing, when did it become an okay thing in our society to expose children to sexual situations? And, I am talking about any sexual issue or situation of any type?!

I am talking about young children, at the preschool level, being taught in class by their teachers about things like changing their gender, pronouns, saying a pledge of allegiance to the Pride Flag instead of The American Flag.

Young children being brought to Drag Queen Story hour by their parents at their local public libraries. These performers are something to see, and I am guessing seeing this at their ages would be shocking, confusing, and downright frightening.

What is worse parents are forcing this insane bull crap on their own kids, and children are not adults people, they perceive things differently. I simply cannot understand how this kind of parenting isn’t illegal, and definite grounds for losing custody of your child, and criminal charges.

I feel as if I went to sleep one night and awoke to life in The Twilight Zone. I know there are tons of good people in this world 🌍 who will agree with my view, but everyone is too afraid to express their opinions.

I refuse to live my life being a follower. Especially if it is going against God, that is what should be the number one thought and concern going through their minds.

There isn’t one thing that anyone could gain here on Earth that could ever measure up to that one… because Jesus Christ is the only person that I know I want and I have to have his acceptance, and approval because his is the only one that matters.

You know, people have asked me before would I ever get an abortion if I ever had to?! That has always been a very easy question to answer, because no… absolutely not.

Because I know how horribly wrong it would be, and I couldn’t fathom the thought of not getting to spend the rest of eternity in heaven.

Nobody stops to think about the outcomes and the judgements of what they’re bringing down on their soul. It is truly just another sign that proves we are definitely in the shadow of tribulation.

Sin is running rampid now. Everything that has always been bad is now considered Good. Everything that has always been good is now considered bad!

We are living in a fallen world, we must stand strong in our faith, and trust in His word. Trust in the Truth. We must remember to always stand up tall for His word✝️

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